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Let The Little Children Come Unto Me


YWAM Recife work with Street Children and Children at Risk. We are building a model that will initiate changes in communities, seeking to break the poverty cycle, child prostitution, drug abuse and the flow of children to the streets.



If you love children and feel called to this very difficult area we are able to prepare and train you for this work.  Over the past 25 years we have established a number of projects you could become involved in.

We say this area is difficult because there are times of great joy but also times of incredible heartache.  PRAY before making a commitment.   If you can't come please consider partnering with us by becoming a donor or adopting us as part of your church project.


Youth With A Mission


Youth With A Mission


So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matt 7:12

On The Streets

In Brazil more than 40% of children live in poverty, of which 5.8 million live in extreme poverty.  4 million live in slums. Almost 70% of children from 0 up to 3 years old do not have access to public or private day-care centers.  1.6 million students between 15 and 17 years-old drop out of school. * (Source - NGO Fundación Abrinq. Agência Brasil São Paulo)

The street children come from the ever-increasing slums or favelas found in major city's and towns.  They are driven from their homes by extreme poverty, abuse and rejection.


They lose contact with their families and join with other street children into a life of begging, child prostitution and crime.  They quickly become accustomed to the freedom and lack of responsibility and soon find themselves in bondage to life on the streets, where many simply die or disappear.

They often sniff glue or paint thinner to get high in order to escape the reality of their lives.  A huge percentage of these kids die before they reach the age of eighteen because of violent fights with other kids, drugs, accidents and sickness.

YWAM Recife work in three primary areas.  Rescue, rehabilitation and prevention.  In the book of Nehemiah in the Bible, God challenged Nehemiah to accomplish a remarkable task - to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.  Brick by brick they approached this task.

We have learned to approach our task in a similar way, a little bit at a time and with perseverance.  Brick by brick, child by child, relationship by relationship, we are beginning to fulfill God's calling on our lives to help rebuild the wall.

Youth With A Mission


Here at YWAM Recife we are always looking for good people

You can get involved with YWAM Recife in a number of ways. Become a volunteer, participate in an outreach or a short term course, become a supporter, or complete our initial training course (DTS) and join us as one of our staff as a missionary.

Please contact us to find out more.  We’ll look at your current professional or ministerial profile and help you make the choice that is right for you.  Email


That's us in the photo.  We've all got one thing in common.  We love kids and we want to know God better and make Him known.  We don't all work on the streets though.  Most of us serve in several different areas at a time, working together towards a common goal.

On the base we sometimes have more than a hundred co-workers.  That means there's a hundred mouths to feed, a large office to run, a pool to clean, some kids that need parenting, training schools to organize, people to disciple etc etc.  We all play a part.

You could be involved in any or several of the following:

Hope House for boys,  Hospitality,  Maintenance,  Street Teams,  Sarah's House for girls,  Accounting,  Administration,  Christian Heritage School,  Communications Department,  School Staff either DTS,  SOE,  Children at Risk,  Counseling School,  Show De Bola Soccer School,  Project 'To Love',  Worship Teams, Kings Kids. and more!

Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

Training is one of three areas of ministry that are linked to everything that YWAM does.  Our training programs aim to equip Christians to better serve others in a wide variety of fields and in cross-cultural situations.

Training is how we multiply this work with children, into other parts of the world.

Please note this is a guide only.  For all school dates and courses please refer to the Jocum Recife site which is here:

The DTS (Disciple Training School) is the pre-requisite if you want to serve as a YWAM staff member or enrol in other University of the Nations courses.

For the most part, YWAM courses include an intensive lecture phase where students will focus on a variety of subjects relevant to the particular course they are taking.

The lecture phase combines theoretical learning with practical application.  It is often followed by a practical phase where students will put into practice what they have learned.  Each school can last from three to nine months depending on the focus.

Popular Courses and Pre-requisites


Children at Risk Discipleship Training School (ETED)
Bilingual – Portuguese / English

This course is the gateway for those who want to become an effective disciple of Jesus Christ and also want to be involved in missions with YWAM.  Not just an academic course, the DTS emphasizes applying Biblical principles and developing a heart of faith. The DTS addresses both the messenger and the message and is for Christians of all ages and cultures who wish to respond to God’s call.  DTS is offered in January, April, July and September and the emphasis is usually on Children at Risk.  Full details and application forms are on our main JOCUM website which is here: 


 Children at Risk School
Bilingual – Portuguese / English

With around seven million street children in Brazil and millions more around the world, this course is designed to train people to reach atrisk children and bring them an understanding of God’s love.  During the course, you will be challenged to plan a specific project to reach children at risk.  Full details here:



Foundations for Social Transformation School
Bilingual – Portuguese / English

Utilizing a Biblical Worldview, the FST school seeks to demonstrate to people that they are not victims of destiny and they are not without the power of decision or the conditions to effect change in their own lives and communities.  God has placed in each community gifts, talents, and abilities that need only to be discovered and put into practice in order for that community to fulfil God’s purpose.  Full details here:


Foundations for Counseling Ministry
Bilingual – Portuguese / English

The FCM seeks to equip the student with tools for reaching and ministering to people. This fundamental school provides basic counseling techniques that will be beneficial to every worker regardless of the ministry they work in.  This school is normally offered in January each year.  Full details here:

Youth With A Mission


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The purpose of this website is to assist to communicate the vision and purpose of the YWAM Recife "Project Children At Risk", to 1st World countries.

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