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By Ex-Street Kids for Street Kids & Children at Risk

How do you influence a generation that loves to watch and play soccer?
Well you start your own soccer club and you make sure it's a winner!


Show de Bola is perhaps one of the most successful soccer clubs in our region. We teach soccer but we also embrace the values of the sport to build character in young lives. Integrity, goal setting, perseverance, achievement. Relationship by relationship our aim is to help stem the flow of young people onto the streets and into lives of drug abuse, prostitution and crime.

Show de Bola

We Are More Than Conquerors

Most often, the difference between winning and losing, is simply not quitting!

Show de Bola is situated in Santa Monica which is an area of Recife surrounded by very poor low income families. The local school system operates for only four hours per day. Wealthy families are able to send their children to extra-curricular activities like dancing or sport when school finishes.

Many children from poorer families simply hang out on the streets and get involved with drugs or other undesirable activities. It is this group that Show de Bola targets.

Cicero Felix Alves
Director - Project Show de Bola
Cicero - Show de Bola

My name is Cicero and I work with 'Children at Risk' and 'Street Kids', in our project 'Show de Bola.'

By utilizing our national sport soccer, we can teach both life values and sport, and we are able to build close relationships with young people.

At one time in my life I was a street-kid. Now I am living proof that rescue and restoration works. I was living on the streets when I was just seven years old because my father had died and my mother was not able to care for us.

We were so hungry that I left home to find a better life.

I started to use drugs and ask for food on the streets. I was beaten up by the police and while I was sleeping people would throw water at me to move me on.

One day I was invited to participate in the YWAM Recife 'Hope House' project for street boys and my life changed.

Today I am married and I have a little son named David. I was never able to realize my dream of becoming a professional soccer player but I am able to pass the dream on.

We work with approximately 100 - 120 boys and young men at a time. We teach soccer, character, integrity and compassion for others and this gives our boys a real sense of pride and purpose. When our teams win, it is a result of a lot of hard work drive and determination.

Our Origins

The story of 'Show de Bola' is a story about courage against all odds, a vision and a dream. The dream was born in the heart of another ex-street boy named Flavio.

Against all odds? Flavio came to Hope House at age twelve. He required major surgery even to be able to walk. He also has a debilitating skin disease that the doctors told us would take his life in his early twenties. Not so. Flavio's dream of a soccer team right here on the YWAM base expanded from just two soccer balls and a group of ex-street boys into a formidable force.


That's Flavio in the orange T-Shirt. Age thirty-four by the way.

Utilizing the Brazilian national sport, soccer we reach children and adolescents in the community.

About 100 students between 8 and 20 years old are enrolled each year in our soccer school. These are divided into 5 categories according to age.

There are two days of soccer class each week and one day of discipleship and life skills, by category.

In addition, we have both family and school participation days. In the weekends we compete in various championships in Camaragibe and around Recife. The Show de Bola project has been running now for 10 years. We have under 17's, under 15's under 13's and under 10's.

By visiting the children's families we are able to identify areas of need. In this way we are often able to prevent crisis before it arrives.

Youth With A Mission


Calling All Soccer Clubs and Sports Lovers  -  Please Consider Being Part of This Project.  We are fundraising to build club rooms with amenities.

We've got the space for a 90 x 60 soccer field where we could also have a club-room with amenities and
expand the project into the community even further!

The Show De Bola project needs your help. Sport builds character, drive and self-esteem and the work we are accomplishing is making a difference. But we are a completely not-for-profit organization dependent on donations.

Did you know we don't just play soccer here? We also try to build character in the boys. We visit their homes and we do stuff like help them to take essential food items to needy people in the community.

Please consider supporting Show De Bola. If you are a soccer club, would you consider sending a volunteer coach for a month. Bring some team members maybe. Or perhaps send some much needed financial support. Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you.

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Youth With A Mission


Slide Show - A few photos from our Album

We're proud of our teams and grateful. They work really hard and they reach the goal.
Please click the image to view the slide show. Scroll right down for our video.

After a lot of determination and hard work
Team photo
Hard earned certificate
Surprised? Don't be.
Happiness is going on tour!
Grateful again
Team Jocum (YWAM) Recife - Prayer before the tournament.
The Intermediate Team
And again
Our juniors dusting off the opposition
Yet again
Our club room
Bringing food necessities pack to a needy family
Honoring the courage of a local boy
Local boy courage
Caua is a true Warrior
Cicero with his wife Vandecleia
Lucas, Pamela and baby Valentina
Lucas & Cicero. Two young ex-street boys.
Cicero and Flavio. Ex-street boys.
Cicero ex-street kid at Hope house
Washing 30+ uniforms
Visiting families in the community
Armed with food parcels for the needy.
Everton Sena. Professional soccer player who started with us at Show de Bola
Community Visits
Under 15 Champions
Under 13's
Our Soccer Field
Grateful - Donation of new soccer balls
Character, perseverance, integrity, kindness, compassion, goal setting, achieving, self-esteem, drive.
Youth With A Mission


You can donate with PayPal by clicking the button below or If you need a tax receipt it is possible to donate through the Tyler Texas YWAM base.

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If you donate through YWAM Tyler Texas base please be sure to specify that the donation is for Show De Bola, JOCUM Recife, Brazil.

Please email Us if you need help or would like more information:

Our Video with English sub-titles

Show de Bola
Show de Bola


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And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple,
truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward. Matt 10:42

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